Friday, January 23, 2015

Strongly Worded Letter to the CRA

So we had an incident this summer with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). In, what seems to be an annual event for me, the CRA reviewed my tax return earlier in the year, determining that the tax refund they issued was in error, and that I owed a paltry sum in return... with interest. That irked me a little. That was about the fourth year in a row my tax return had been reviewed. Then they reviewed my wife and I on two accounts: 1) they challenged our very existence, asking us to provide birth certificates for ourselves and proof that we resided at our residence; and 2) they challenged the existence of our children. That night, I got a little hot. I stayed-up well passed midnight crafting a reply to B. Bedard and the Benefits Exemption Team. I've posted my reply below (sans copies of our ID, as I suspect it's a poor idea to post your ID online).

Letter to CRA

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